Where is Marmaris ?

Marmaris, which is one of the most important holiday resorts of our country, is the second district of Muğla with the highest population after Bodrum. Datca Peninsula is located to the west of Marmaris, Ula to the north, Balan Mountain to the east, Karadağ and Günlük Hills to the east and the Mediterranean to the south. Marmaris Dalaman is an hour away from the center of Mugla A short drive from the airport . Bodrum and Marmaris is located about 2 hours away from Rhodes The distance to the island is only 45 minutes.

Marmaris has a Mediterranean climate and summers are hot and dry. In the winter, due to its location in the mountains surrounding areas abundant rainfall, especially after Turkey’s Rize district it is one of the most abundant rainfall zones. This situation causes the yearly high humidity in the district. High humidity also allows many tropical fruits to grow in Marmaris.

History of Marmaris ?

The history of Marmaris dates back to 1200 BC. Being located at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean, Marmaris has become an important coastal city throughout history. Marmaris is also a gateway to Rhodes and Aegean islands. All these features have made Marmaris a region where many civilizations lived throughout history. It is possible to see many different historical stamps left behind by the civilizations of Caria, Rhodes and Aegean islands, Egypt, Persia, Ionian, Assyrian civilizations, Syria, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. Marmaris, which was ruled by CariaCivilization for centuries, became a naval base due to being the connection point of the commercial road between Rhodes and Egypt. Because of this feature, Marmaris has been superior to other Aegean ports. Because of this important location, Marmaris has been subjected to invasion by other city-states far from the coast.

Ancient cities within the borders of Marmaris

There are many ancient cities within the borders of Marmaris district. Some of those; Physkos (Beldibi , Asartepe ), Amos ( Hisarönü , Turunç ), Bybassos ( Hisarönü ), Kastabos ( Hisarönü ), Syrna ( Bayır village), Larymna ( Bozburun ), Thyssanos ( Söğüt ), Phoenix ( Taşlıca ), Loryma (Bozukkale ), Kasara (Sparrow Harbor ), Kedrai ( Cedar) Island ), Euthena and Amnistos ( Karacasogut ).

The name of the district, known as “ Mermeris in history, was translated into Greek as Marmaras, Italian (Latin) as Marmarice / Marmaris and English as Marmorice. The name Marmaris was used during the Italian occupation after the First World War, and this name was officialized in the Republican Period.

Urbanization in Marmaris first developed around the castle. Today, Beldibi and Armutalan and Icmeler extending to a very wide area within the boundaries of the castle, pier and marina located in the section, is called the historical city center . All the historical buildings in the old city center belong to the Ottoman Period. The historical buildings around the castle have been preserved and restored. Most of the historical buildings in the large area have been restored and are now used as restaurants, cafes, bars or shops.

About Marmaris Port

Marmaris has an important port capacity due to its coastal region. Marmaris Port, which has the largest and most modern yacht harbor in the South Aegean, has a capacity of 720 yachts. Municipality located in an area close to the marina There are boats or daily excursion boats preferred for the blue cruise. When you follow the Değirmençayı Creek from the marina , you will see a bar street. In Marmaris, which is lively at night as well as at night, the street of bars caters for all kinds of entertainment.

Marmaris is one of Turkey’s most developed tourism region. There are many beaches and coves in and around Marmaris where you can enjoy the sea. District, summer vacation to guests who prefer the region; boat tours , water parks and safari tours offer a wide range of activities. In addition, trekking tours to the canyons and caves, rock climbing, cycling and horse tours and forest camps are at the level to meet the expectations of adrenaline seekers during the holiday. If Incidentally Marmaris Greece, the largest of the 12 islands of Rhodes group If you are thinking of going to the island, you can get on the ferry from Marmaris and set foot on this beautiful island after about 1 hour.

Marmaris; climate offers the opportunity to almost 7 months of the year and be able to swim one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers today continues to be characterized by lush nature. Marmaris, who wants to live an unforgettable holiday, responds very much to this request, waiting to welcome new guests.