The 25 Best Things to Do in Marmaris 2019

Number #1 Daily Boat Trip (All Inclusive)

Marmaris Boat Trips

You will regret not attending Marmaris boat trip before. Marmaris boat trip suggests the attendees glorious moments in their Marmaris holiday. Just sit back and enjoy your time. While cruising to naturally beautiful isles and bays, you will also feel utmost comfort in the boats. Everything you need is considered. You can have either soft or alcoholic drinks all day long as well as perfectly prepared BBQ at luncheon. What is left for you is just to enjoy the sun and splendid scenery.

Daily Boat Trip (All Inclusive)

Marmaris Boat Trip begins with the guest transfer which is included in the price.

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Number #2 Scuba Diving Trip

Scuba Diving Trips in Marmaris at a Glance

Are you ready for a holiday in Marmaris that triggers adrenaline rush? Then Marmaris Diving Tour is the perfect choice for you, with gleaming sea of Mediterranean. Both novice and experienced divers at different stages will be satisfied with the experience. The guests not keen on diving will also enjoy the great excursion and leisure time.

Scuba Diving Trip

Clarity of the sea in Marmaris serves perfectly for underwater sports.

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Number #3 Jeep Safari in Marmaris

Marmaris Jeep Safari Trip

Marmaris Jeep Safari trip combines adventure with the natural beauties of Marmaris. You will feel the adrenaline rush in your soul as well as enjoying the splendid scenery. You will feel amazed when moving along the muddy roads on the terrains surrounded by pine forests. It is like deep diving into nature.

Let the adventure not frighten you, because you will also feel safe in the well-conditioned vehicles. All family members can participate to Marmaris Jeep Safari Trip without age limits. All vehicles move in a line together at lower speeds. The route of the Marmaris Jeep Safari Trip is composed of falls, bumpy paths, Jesus Beach, terrain area and more! Guests are advised to shoot photos to make a remembrance of this day in their Marmaris holiday.

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

Guests need to have towels, cozy suits and shoes, swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera and hats.

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Number #4 Cleopatra Island Boat Tour

Cleopatra Island Boat Tour

World wide famous Cleopatra Island just lies in the 8 hour distance from Marmaris. As being one of the best places to see, it will make your holiday in Marmaris magnificent. The route includes the village Çamlı which is 17 km away form Marmaris. Guests will sail from Çamlı to Gökova Bay and enjoy 2 breaks for swimming, delicious luncheon followed by splendid Cleopatra Island Boat tour for 2 hours. On the way back to Marmaris, Lighthouse Island welcomes the guests for another 40 minute swimming break.

Cleopatra Island Boat Tour

Make your Marmaris Holiday unforgettable by joining this Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour.

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Number #5 Turkish Night Show

Marmaris Turkish Night

Marmaris Turkish Night offer you night from tales. You should not miss this authentic night full of entertainment! Belly dance, authentic music, delicious Turkish cuisine and wines are the keywords to attract you : ) Marmaris Turkish Night at Kervansaray will make a night to remember! You will remember the party atmosphere full of colours and music. You may accompany the professional belly dancers and maybe learn some hints of oriental dancing, why not? : )

Turkish Night Show Marmaris

Marmaris Turkish Night. This show is a must see during your holiday in Marmaris.

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Number #6 Dalyan Turtle Beach Trip

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trips

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip, one of the wonderful things to do in Marmaris, lasts all day long. All boats participating in this trip are fully equipped for all requirements. Guests may sunbathe in the terrace located on the third floor or enjoy the scenery downstairs in shades. With comfortable seats, modern showers and toilets as well as two bars serving all day, boats have the superior properties. Participants are transferred to Marmaris Port at 8.30 from their places of stay. As the boat sails along the glimmering sea of Marmaris, guests will be astonished by splendid view. Marmaris excursion to Dalyan takes two and half hours, including a swimming break at Kizilkum Bay for 30 minutes.

Dalyan Turtle Beach Trip

Most beautiful composition of nature and history.

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Number #7 Quad ATV Safari

Marmaris Quad Safari Trips

If you are looking for adventure filled with joyous and cozy atmosphere, Marmaris Quad Safari Tour is the best option for you! When you ride along the rugged ground in the comfortable quads, you will feel the enthusiasm and entertainment at the same time. It is one of the greatest things to do in your Marmaris Holiday.

Quad ATV Safari

Join this breathtaking experience and make your Marmaris Holiday something to remember

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Number #8 Aegean Islands Boat Trip

Aegean Islands Boat Trip

If you do not want to deal with the content of the tour, Aegean Island Boat Tour is the best option for you! This tour is all inclusive, ranging from alcoholic drinks to meals and fun onboard! For eight hours you will enjoy to the fullest! This tour is one of the greatest things to do in Marmaris. It will make a remembrance for you.

Aegean Islands Boat Trip

All shades of blue are calling for you in this Marmaris voyage.

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Number #9 Talk of the Town

Marmaris Talk of the Town

Cheers Bar presents the guests UK Bobbie Kent International Playgirls’ spectacular comedy drag show, as “Talk of the Town”. You will taste the sense of humor with gorgeous costumes and stage design. During the comedy show, guests will be served a delicious meal composed of chicken, chips, salad and local drink. For 4 hours, you will experience the fun to the fullest. Rolling into this show is one of the best things to do for you in your Marmaris Holiday.

Talk of the Town

Get prepared to burst into laughter, sing songs and dance all night long!

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Number #10 Marmaris Pamukkale Day Trip

Marmaris Pamukkale Day Trip

As evident from the poet’s words Pamukkale serves as a passage where nature meets history. You will discover the stories of ancient times and see the remnants today. Marmaris Pamukkale Daily Trip is a great opportunity to combine culture and moments of fun in your Marmaris holiday.

Marmaris Pamukkale Day Trip

You will be astonished by the White color of the formation, reflecting the light in different dimensions.

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Number #11 Koycegiz & Dalyan Trip

Koycegiz Lake & Dalyan

Koyceğiz and Dalyan Bus Trip, one of the wonderful things to do in Marmaris, lasts all day long. Dalyan Turtle Beach is world famous eco-friendly beach attracting many tourists every year. Koyceğiz Lake also has popularity in tourism since 80s.

Give a try on Mud baths

Thermal mud baths is the next location for guests. Mud bathing is said to have anti aging property, so why not to give a try : ) Clean yourself at the shower and get refresh at the cafe, feeling perfect afterward is guaranteed.

Koycegiz Dalyan Trip

Mud bathing is said to have anti aging property, so why not to give a try

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Number #12 Horse Safari in Marmaris

Marmaris Horse Safari

Your holiday in Marmaris may not filled only with parties, clubs, music and resting at the beaches but also with adventures in nature. With its natural countryside, Marmaris Horse Safari Trip offers you a day spent in splendid nature. If you have not had the chance to ride a horse before, do not worry. You will get used to horses quicker than you think.

Horse Safari in Marmaris

This will be a day to remember in your Marmaris Holiday.

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Number #13 Marmaris Fishing Trip

Marmaris Fishing Trip

If you are looking for a calm and quiet activity, Marmaris Fishing Trip is just for you. It is a trip routinely performed every day, and takes place 30 minutes away from the port. The boats used for Marmaris Fishing Trip are completely ready for fishing with the materials needed. You can enjoy your time in your Marmaris Holiday without hesitation.

Marmaris Fishing Trip

During the 4 hour you will not only enjoy fishing but also feel refreshed.

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Number #14 Marmaris Go Karting

Marmaris Go Karting

Marmaris Go Karting is an exciting activity for your entire family. The Go Karting Arena is located only a few minutes away from the city center and is open all day. With 8 sessions a day, you can plan your visit to the arena at your convenient time.

People of all ages are welcome to our go-karting arena. This sport can be played at great ease and you don’t need a license to ride the kart. These vehicles can be easily handled even by the beginners while they ride them at around 40 to 60 kmh. The more experienced and professionals can ride them at speeds over 100 kmh. We provide you all the necessary instructions and safety equipment needed for a safe and yet exciting go-karting experience. Once we take you to the arena, our team provide you necessary instructions to enjoy your ride safely. They will help you choose your go-kart and get ready wearing the safety gears before you begin with the ride.

Marmaris Go Karting

The tour price for Marmaris Go Karting is inclusive of the hotel transfers, full insurance, safety equipment, instructions for riding the kart and English guiding services.

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Number #15 Aquapark in Marmaris

Atlantis Waterpark

Atlantis Waterpark serves fun and entertainment for guests at a wide range of age. Whole family can enjoy to the fullest in Atlantis Waterpark. You can have moments of joy and excitement in a number of slides while your toddler may make new friends at kids’ pool. Every member of your family will attain their taste of joy among the options of Wave pool, Mini golf, Food and beverage section and the private beach.

Aquapark in Marmaris

Do not worry about your toddler when you are enjoying yourself, they will be forgetting how time passed in KidsLand.

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Number #16 Marmaris to Rhodes Day Trip

Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip offers you experience beyond the borders literally : ) If you have a valid Schengen Visa, you will have the opportunity to pass Island Rhodes by speedy catamarans. The tour begins at 7.30 a.m. and guest return at 6.00 p.m. From Marmaris to Rhodes takes about 45 minutes.

Marmaris To Rhodes Ferry

Do not forget to take photo shoots and videos during the trip around the island.

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Number #17 See village life of Marmaris

Marmaris Village Trip

Do you want to explore the countryside of Marmaris, besides all crowd of seaside? Then Marmaris Village Trip is the best option for you. Once a small fishing village Marmaris is now one of the most popular touristic areas in Turkey. If you want to meet the silent and authentic part of the city, join the Marmaris Village Trip and gain an alternative view in your Marmaris Holiday. It will also be a chance to meet local people and have a cultural interaction with them. You can gain insight about the society and lifestyle of villages in Marmaris and compare the differences between city center and village life.

Villages Trip Marmaris

Slow lifestyle and chilling atmosphere of the villages will take you to another dimension.

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Number #18 Rafting on The Dalaman River

Spectacular Nature of Marmaris

Dalaman River is the main camping point in this trip. Guests will be transferred to this area approximately in 90 minutes. At the camping area, a delicious open buffet breakfast will be waiting for you. Expert team will also be in place to give the information about the Marmaris Rafting Trip. During 3 hours with the breaks and resting time, you will experience the moments full of action and entertainment with the astonishing natural beauties of Marmaris. Enjoy your Marmaris Holiday with Rafting trip : )

Rafting on The Dalaman River

Hills covered with pine forests will take you to a imaginary world as you are having adrenaline rush for 12 hours.

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Number #19 Marmaris to Fethiye Daily Trip

Marmaris Fethiye Daily Trip

If only one word could be used to define Fethiye, it should be tranquility. In a serene atmosphere, you will feel the healing effect of nature to your bones. You will be astonished to realize that there are so many shades of turquoise in water. Marmaris Fethiye daily trip will make your day in your Marmaris Holiday.

Followed by guest transfer, attendees will be on the way by cozy vehicles during 2 hours.

Marmaris to Fethiye Day Trip

Two hours of journey will be waiting for you to Marmaris. You will be taken to your place of stay in comfortable vehicles.

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Number #20 Marmaris to Ephesus Trip

Marmaris Ephesus Trip

As you spend your holiday in Marmaris, you can also visit some of the world famous historical sites to give a novel touch. Ephesus is one of the options, which is 210 km away from Marmaris. Trips organised by experienced guides will take you to the depths of ancient history. Guests may also visit House of Virgin Mary, located 9 km away from Ephesus. You will feel satisfied with history and culture at the end of the Marmaris Ephesus Trip.

Marmaris to Ephesus DayTrip

It will be a fulfilling trip for the guests who want to get in close touch with history.

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Number #21 Hammam

Marmaris Turkish Bath

If you ever come to have a holiday in Marmaris, Turkey, one amazing experience you can not miss is having a Turkish bath. It is a very old tradition in Turkish culture. Guests feel the regeneration not only in their body but also in their soul at the end of the bath : ) Turkish bath also enhances blood circulation, removes toxins and relieves the stress as a consequence. Real life experience will tell you more about it, so give a try for one of the amazing things to do in your Marmaris Holiday.

Marmaris Turkish Bath

f you want to get rid of the stress of your travel, having a Turkish bath is the best option for you.

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